BOISE -- This summer thousands of Idahoans will explore some of the state's most remote, and most beautiful locations. Whether you're sleeping on the ground, in a tent, or in the luxury of an RV, camping is a popular way to vacation throughout the Gem State.

Now, there's a new option that gets you to those hard to reach destinations, without roughing it.

Ray Gore calls it the swiss army knife of campers, with gear storage, a loft bed, and a kitchen that's easy to pack up when you leave.

Gore says it's about more than the convenient camping comforts, the secret to the UGOAT, utility go anywhere off-road adventure trailer, is the materials it's made of.

"It's equipment that the military has gotten rid of and put back out for the public's use and we're trying to repurpose it so the public can enjoy it again," said Gore.

He says about fifty percent of the base model is made from military equipment, like humvee tires, water cans, and even the military style pioneer kit on the back.

It's military surplus equipment that Gore is familiar with, since he and his two UGOAT partners are former marines themselves. Gore says they buy the military equipment from local dealers or through the government's online auction.

"You can set this whole camper up in ten to fifteen minutes once you get where you're going," said Gore.

The three former marines built the two different camper models themselves and have tested them in Idaho's backcountry over the last two years. They've made changes to the design and added new features, and now, they want to put the UGOATs into production.

The bigger, base camp version, offers a table, fold out bed, a complete outdoor dining experience, and even an outdoor hot shower. It's all powered by solar panels, with conveniently located lights and charging stations.

Gore says they're hoping to sell the bigger model for around $20,000, and the smaller one for around $10,000.

He says the campers have everything you need, and offers something no other camper in the U.S. can - the ability to go anywhere.

"Everybody that comes in here recognize that they are different and something you can take a little bit farther than the campground so wherever you can pull it we're sure these campers can go," said Gore.

For weeks, the campers have been set up on Chindedn Boulevard for people to stop by and check out.

Now, the group hopes Idahoans buy in to their product.

"Our goal was to create a camper that could stand up to the abuse of off roading with no plastic, something that's military grade and USA made," said Gore.

There are just a few days left on the kickstarter campaign. Gore hopes to get enough money raised to start building the campers in Boise.