One woman is calling him her knight in shining armor and it is no Halloween costume.

Last week on KTVB we showed you a Boise home was vandalized, leaving the Verhaege family with thousands of dollars in damages.

A local painting company wants to help.

Profanity was spray painted on the outside walls and garage doors of Michelle Verhaege's house last Tuesday night.

She believes it is the work of bullies targeting her high school son.

The damage was estimated at around $2,000 and Casey Stewart, owner of C.S. Custom Painting is repainting the home for free.

“I just wanted to help out because I was fortunate enough this year to have some help too and so I’m just kind of giving back now,” says Stewart.

Casey Stewart is a recently single dad, owning and operating his own custom painting business.

After learning about the vandals that egged Michelle's son's window and spray painted the outside of the house, he wanted to help.

“As a child I was bullied too,” Stewart says.

Stewart took it upon himself to match the shade of paint, buy it and repaint the entire front of Michelle's house.

“It was just kind of a difficult situation for them, they don’t really have the money to paint now either,” says Stewart.

“It just touches your heart to know that there are people who care for no reason,” says Michelle Verhaege.

Michelle's son was touched too and offered to payback Stewart in a way he can.

“He actually offered to do yard work for him and offered to help clean up,” says Michelle.

Stewart says he is not looking for any recognition and is happy to take the time out of his day to help.

“It’s nothing to me to help them out, just a little bit of time.”