A local boy scout troop is starting from scratch. Troop 49 has a trailer that was full of equipment in the parking lot of the Whitney United Methodist Church in Boise.

Now, thousands of dollars worth of camping equipment that was inside the trailer is going. Someone broke into it on Tuesday, April 11.

Walter Moden, Troop 49 Leader, was the first to receive the news.

"There was an extreme disappointment, because this is a big blow to our scouts," Moden said.

"Who would do this kind of thing?" said Brett Flerchinger, a Troop 49 Boy Scout. "Stealing from a Boy Scout, I think that's pretty low."

It was a call Moden has gotten once before.

"After the last break in we just had some generic padlocks," Moden said. "We got some other, harder, class 6 padlocks."

Those locks didn't keep the thieves away. When the Troop 49 trailer was broken into last fall, only a few items were stolen like two canopies and a first aid kit. This time, everything was taken.

"The police had us do an itemized list, and it came out to about $2,400," Moden said.

Items that were stolen include Dutch ovens, tents, canopies, and specialized snow equipment.

"All that was pretty much donated and had someone attached to it, and now it's been taken," Moden said.

The timing of this couldn't be worse. Troop 49 has a camping trip scheduled for next weekend.

"We really needed to use this equipment," Moden said. "We're kind of having to scramble and figure out what to do."

"I hope they realize how much this means to us," Flerchinger said. "Not just how hard it'll be to replace all of it, but also how much it means personally."

As the troop looks for ways to move forward without the equipment, the scouts are still hanging on to hope that whoever did this will have a change of heart.

"I'd like to see if they have a conscience," Moden said. "That they would maybe have that conscience work on them and maybe bring back the items that they took."

Moden says the troop is looking into possibly moving the trailer to a different location, but the main priority right now is gathering the equipment needed to make next weekend's camping trip happen.