After years of work between the city of Boise and local businesses, a downtown neighborhood has a new identity - and it is all about sustainability.

The area of town is called the Central Addition, or Liv District.

“I think it’s good to be in a neighborhood that has a brand, we used to be just between fifth and sixth and now we're in the Liv District,” says Collin Rudeen, president at Boise Brewing.

The Liv District runs from Capitol Street to Broadway and in between Myrtle and Front streets.

“It's a lab of innovation where the city can test green infrastructure, sustainable policies and practices, put them into place and see what works so hopefully down the road we can replicate it,” says Colin Hickman of Boise Public Works.

“One of those sustainable practices is permeable pavers, which replaced the old sidewalks in the neighborhood.

“The way that the streets were designed and sidewalks so that ran rain water instead of collecting debris and other bad stuff we want to keep out of the river, it's able to be filtered out before it reaches the Boise River,” explains Hickman.

Along with being good for the river, water being collected into the sidewalks is also good for business at Boise Brewing.

“One benefit of that is the trees are going to grow a lot faster, so when you’re sitting out here on the patio on a hot summer day we will have shade a little quicker,” says Rudeen.

During the installation the sidewalk was also widened, allowing Boise Brewing to add a patio.

Fiber optic cables and the use of geothermal energy are also playing into the neighborhood's new sustainable identity.

“Where a business from out of town or out of state that's looking to either start a business or develop their business can come to Boise in the Liv district and say this is a place where I can hook up to geothermal, I can be part of a group that believes in the sustainability model,” says Hickman.

“It might not seem like a whole lot but you start to see more businesses opening up, like the Fowler Building opening in 2018 and then there is plans for more construction down the block and more businesses in the area,” says Rudeen.

On Thursday, Oct. 12, from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. there will a Liv District celebration hosted by the city and free to the public.