TWIN FALLS - Thunderstorms rolled through the Magic Valley Sunday evening, and lightning sparked five wildfires, fire officials said.

The fires ranged in size from 40 acres to nearly 1,500 acres. According to the Bureau of Land Management, three of the fires burned about 20 miles south of Hammett while the other two burned about 15 miles south of Glenns Ferry.

Fire officials says the area is prone to thunderstorms, lightning and wildfires this time of year.

The largest fire, named the Kinyon Springs Fire burned almost 1,500 acres about 16 miles south of Glenns Ferry. The fire is contained, and crews expected to have it controlled by Monday afternoon.

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Also on Sunday, a lightning-sparked fire scorched an estimated 600 acres and shut down Interstate 84 Sunday. That fire was contained overnight and the interstate reopened.

All of the fire burned in grass and brush. No structures were threatened.