NAMPA -- It is the end of an era in Nampa.

A rescue mission that helped so many homeless in Canyon County was demolished today.

But, that doesn't mean that the services it provided are coming to an end.

Volunteers who have given so much to the needy people who came through the Lighthouse Rescue Mission prayed that the good work would continue in the new location. And it will.

But today, the old building on Caldwell Boulevard had to come down.

The folks with the Boise Rescue Mission bought the old Lighthouse Rescue Mission building back in 2000.

The cost for upkeep just became too much, so a few months ago, they moved into the new Lighthouse Mission on 16th Avenue North.

And today, the demolition of this building started.

But, while the building was always old, and a little decrepit, Rev. Bill Roscoe says it did allow the Boise Rescue Mission to start doing work in Canyon County.

"It did open the door for us to become part of the Nampa/Caldwell community, and we raised some good support here, and made a lot of friends, and made connections with churches and businesses," said Roscoe. "So that today we have two full-time facilities here: one for women and children and this one, of course, for men."

But the Boise Rescue Mission still owns the land there on Caldwell Boulevard.

What are they going to do with it?

Roscoe says the board hasn't decided, yet.

They still love the location and might use it for transitional living apartments, a thrift store, or urban training, where they teach folks trade skills so they can get good jobs.

Whatever they use it for, it will continue to help the needy in that community.