BOISE - Some North End residents are on edge after a large tree toppled over, crushing a van Thursday morning.

It happened just before noon on North 12th Street near Camel's Back Park.

One neighbor told KTVB he was inside his home when he heard what sounded like thunder and then saw leaves passing by his window.

The tree fell across the road, destroying a van and damaging a pickup truck.

"I think we're incredibly lucky that no one was in the van when it happened," said Rick Raymondi, who lives next door. "The van is definitely demolished."

Another neighbor voiced her concerns about many of the large trees that line the streets in the North End.

"They're just waiting to come out," Joanne Hawkins said. "You can see that the roots are all above [ground]. It's just a sketchy situation and I think they need to get someone out here to come and look at it because the car's destroyed but someone could have been walking by, it's dangerous."

A Boise city employee who was out helping clean up the mess said they've had several trees fall in the area recently, but they are not sure what is causing it.

A bystander who was on the scene moments after the tree came down has a theory on the cause.

"You can see where it's rotted inside there, and it might have rotted from not getting enough water in the drought years, because that tree's gotta be a couple hundred years old," he said.