With these warm temperatures we've been seeing, many have already started to take their boat out of storage to recreate on some of Idaho's lakes and streams.

Unfortunately, already early into the summer season there have been a number of boating accidents.

On Sunday, seven people were rescued from Lake Lowell after their boat capsized.

Thankfully, all seven of those in the boat were saved thanks to a nearby boat that saw what was happening and came by to help.

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Two days later, Andy Steider is looking back at what he could have done differently.

“One minute it's smiles and giggles and making fun of people who fall down in the water. The next was 'oh my God. We're sinking," Steider said.

Sunday afternoon, he was out on Lake Lowell in his boat enjoying the beautiful day with his family.

“About 3:30 - 4 o'clock, it all went south,” he said.

Andy noticed a storm on the horizon so they packed up and headed into shore. But, before they could get there, the winds created four- to five-foot swells that came crashing over the bow of the boat.

“Three or four more waves came over the port side and just filled up the boat like a bathtub, and something had to give,” Steider said.

Just minutes later, the boat was gone and his family was in the water.

“We only had about four minutes from the time we noticed the storm to the time when the boat actually sank,” Steider said.

The danger wasn't over.

“All of our ski ropes and everything - they all float to the surface,"he said. "They all came out and one of our passengers got wrapped up in one of the ropes."

Thankfully, others were able to get the ropes detached, but now two days later it’s serving as a reminder of what could have happened.

“All ropes need to be in a bag by themselves so that something like that couldn't happen again,” he said.

Andy is also advising boaters to ensure all life vests are easily accessible, not in storage or under the seat. Something Canyon County sheriff’s deputies agree with, as you never know how fast something can happen.