A student at Lake Hazel Elementary got a special ride to school Friday.

Fourth-grader Dominic Noperi showed up to school in a police car with Ada County Sheriff Stephen Bartlett.

Dominic won a school fundraising contest aimed at getting more technology into the classroom. The grand prize was a ride to school he will never forgot.

Dominic says it was “cool” getting to ride with the sheriff, and that they shared a special conversation on the way to school.

"I told him that I want to be a police officer when I grow up. I want to serve the law and protect the city," said Noperi.

When the pair hopped out of the car at school they were greeted by a crowd of students, parents, and faculty cheering them on.

The school took today's opportunity to thank Sheriff Bartlett and his department for their service with donuts, cards, and thank you's.

Bartlett says after a tough few weeks for law enforcement in the Treasure Valley, today was a nice surprise.

"To pull up to the school and see all of the students and all of the teachers loving this kind of a service, we're very proud of the work we do for the Boise community," he said. "To see all of the signs that the students made, and the cards - it's heartfelt."