KUNA -- It's been nearly two weeks since 10-year-old Cameron Pedigo was flown to a Salt Lake City hospital burn unit.

Camron's parents were burning weeds out on their farm in Kuna. Camron's mom, Andrea Nicholson, told him and his older brother to go inside.

Boys being boys, the two snuck back outside to continue burning weeds.

"They were down there and he caught on fire."

At first, Andrea said his burns looked like a bad sunburn, but that wasn't the case at all.

"It just looked red. He had a red shirt on and when I took that off, his chest was all red and his arms were red."

Camron was rushed to a local hospital, then transported to the University of Utah Burn Unit.

"I'm just so glad his brother acted so fast and got his hoodie off of him," Andrea said. "I think if it weren't for his brother, it would've been much worse."

After three days in the hospital, Andrea says doctors wanted to perform a skin graft.

The Tuesday before Thanksgiving, doctors performed the surgery.

"We spent many nights where he was just in pain and crying."

But just four days later, Camron was given the okay to walk.

Andrea says they're hoping for only one surgery, but that will depend on how Camron's third-degree burns heal.

In the meantime, finding transportation to and from Salt Lake City has been a challenge.

"Originally, we didn't have a car that would make it to and from Salt Lake," Andrea said.

But family members have been able to bring Camron's dad, Tommy, to and from the hospital.

"It's hard. It's really, really hard."

With seven brothers and sister’s, Camron’s family has a long road ahead. The medical bills are beginning to pile up and the possibility of additional surgeries, physical therapy and other treatments, some based in Salt Lake, may make making ends meet difficult.

Andrea wants other parents to reiterate the dangers of gasoline and fires to their children so this doesn’t happen to others.

The family is anticipating being at the hospital for another three weeks.

For more information on how you can help the family, check out their GoFundMe page.