There are different ways to show support for the officers recovering from Friday’s shooting, and there’s one specific request from the Boise Police chief that is getting children involved.

Chief Bill Bones asked the community in video posted on Facebook Monday afternoon for get well cards, messages and pictures for all of the recovering officers.

That video has thousands of shares and hundreds of comments from people wanting to help.

One of those is from Audra Wakly, a parent whose daughter is a kindergartener at Whittier Elementary School.

"I don't know how to fully put it,” she said. “It just tore me apart hearing that it had happened."

She has friends and family who work in law enforcement, so she wanted to show support for BPD. Wakly said her aunt showed her BPD’s request and she loved the idea.

"I know through my interactions with the police force that when you mention getting kids involved with something they love the idea, and just talking about the kids brings a smile to them because they like the support of the little ones,” she said.

Wakly decided to bring the idea to her daughter’s kindergarten teacher Tuesday and it turned into a class activity.

"It's a way of showing our support for them and that we care,” she said. ”It's something that down the road they can still look at."