A major effort is underway to help Nampa students in serious need of supplies for the upcoming school year.

Step inside Nampa's Karcher Mall and you will find an antique school bus waiting to be filled with donated school supples like backpacks, pencils, crayons, markers and clothes.

All donations will go to help students in need in the Nampa School District. About 1,400 Nampa students qualify as homeless.

To bring more attention to the event, MY 102.7 on-air personality James Garner began living on the bus Thursday. He will stay there until Saturday, when donations are handed out.

"I have kids in school and the thought of them not having the stuff that you need really, I mean it touches your heart because you want to make sure that's not happening to anyone's kids," said Garner.

Cash and check donations are also accepted. The money will be used to go to the district's free or reduced lunch money program.

"If everybody, you know, that's listening to our station or watching your station just donated one thing, you can imagine how that would just, the ripple effect would create a huge amount of supplies that could make a huge difference in the lives of these kids," Garner said.

The donated supplies will be turned over to the Nampa School District to be distributed to needy students.

"Everybody that comes to the valley they always say what a nice place it is," said Garner. "And this is one of those opportunities where we get to make a statement about what kind of a community we are, that we take care of those that are around us that are in need."