It's been one year now since 62-year-old rancher Jack Yantis was shot and killed by two Adams County deputies while attending to one of his bulls that had been hit by a car.

The two deputies involved -- Cody Roland and Brian Wood -- were cleared in August by the Idaho Attorney General's Office of any wrongdoing.

KTVB sent a crew to Council today to speak with many about how they feel about the investigation.

“People are still upset about it. We're still mad about it," said Council resident Sylvia Hulin.

Adams County residents are still shaken one year later.

"The people are so split in this county and that's not a good thing. We used to be like this...not anymore," said Council resident Mark Briscoe.

It took just a matter of minutes for Council – a town of 800 people -- to change forever.

"Everybody is at each other's throats around here," said Briscoe.

Many are still left searching for answers after what happened the morning of Nov. 1, 2015.

"People are really bitter about it. They just don't understand what happened," said Hulin.

Yantis was walking from his house off of Highway 95 to take care of one of his bulls after it was struck by a car and lay injured near the road.

Doris Baker was headed home that night when she says she happened to pass by the scene and was stopped by law enforcement.

"When they stopped me, Donna and Jack were coming down the driveway from their house. It's stuck in my mind because I was right there," said Baker.

Just minutes later, Jack Yantis was shot and killed by two deputies. A 10-month investigation by Idaho's attorney general ruled both deputies would not be charged.

It's a decision that some say has left a huge divide between some Council residents and law enforcement.

"We're a very close community and I haven't seen it like this, no, where we don't trust our officers and you don't feel good about it," said Hulin.

We did speak with Donna Yantis, Jack's wife, Tuesday. She told us she can't speak publicly about the shooting because the family is in a pending civil case against the Adam County Sheriff's Office.

She say this past year has been very hard on their family and she continues to fight or justice.