The Idaho Transportation Department says to continue to expect delays at DMV offices across the state, and even consider postponing your visit if possible.

ITD held a news conference today to update the public about the technical issues experienced this week.

They say all county driver's license offices are back open, with the exception of the Grangeville office.

ITD has determined the system is stable enough to allow the offices to operate, but the investigation into the cause continues.

"We have changed a couple of processes that we believe will be the solution, but until we actually have the workload that is the number of transactions that we've seen previously that causes the system to go down, until we have that number of transactions we won't know if that fix is really the correct one," said Bonnie Fahgdal, DMV Operations Manager.

ITD is limiting the number of transactions each county can process to keep the system running while troubleshooting continues. Again, expect delays while they work out the kinks.