BOISE - The Idaho Transportation Department is investigating the cause of a recent spate of outages affecting driver's license services.

ITD said in a news release Tuesday that the department is "devoting all available technology services," and working with its driver's license provider, Gemalto, to investigate the root of the problem.

County DMV locations have experienced an increased number of outages in recent months, causing prolonged delays in services, including issuing driver's licenses.

Specialists from Gemalto are working with ITD to find and fix the issue, ITD said. The department is hopeful the problem will be resolved quickly.

"ITD is placing as many resources on this as possible because the delays at the county DMVs are not up to the department's standard," ITD said. "One pillar of ITD's mission is 'Your Economic Opportunity' and delaying the regular business of the traveling public does not fulfill that goal."