BOISE - Members of Boise's Muslim community gathered Sunday morning for an annual march of peace, honoring the life of an historic Islamic leader.

For the fifth straight year, local Shia Muslims, many of them carrying flags or signs denouncing terrorism, walked from Ann Morrison Park to Islamic Center on Orchard Street.

According to event organizers, the event honors Imam Hussain, who died 1,400 years ago when he gave his life for the ideals of freedom, justice and human rights.

"I know there is a lot around Islam, the negative picture," said Asaad Zangana, with the Imam Hussain Islamic Center. "We want to show the right picture about Islam and Imam Hussain. [He] sacrificed himself for justice, sacrificed himself for human rights. When we remember Imam Hussain, he inspires us to do good."

The march was one of many to take place all over the world honoring Imam Hussain