MERIDIAN -- Best friends from the Treasure Valley just completed an unbelievable journey through Spain.

We've been reporting on the pair for months, and now they have completed the pilgrimage.

One of the friends is wheelchair bound, and his friend has pushed him for 500 miles.

Justin Skeesuck and Patrick Gray completed their journey on Monday. It took them 35 days.

Their wives are now in Santiago with them celebrating.

They have been documenting their trip every step of the way.

There were some difficult sections for Skeesuck, who is wheelchair bound, to get through.

Skeesuck suffers from an autoimmune disease.

He wanted to do the journey in order to help encourage those with disabilities to travel.

The best friends, both now living in Meridian, trained for their mission in the foothills, and had a special wheelchair made for Skeesuck.

They say they met many wonderful people along the way and were very happy to finish their trip as scheduled.

We heard from Skeesuck via email, who said they are leaving on Thursday to spend some time in Madrid relaxing.

They are then heading back to Boise this weekend.

We will of course be following up with them when they get back to hear more about their journey.