BONNERS FERRY, Idaho - Transportation workers in northern Idaho stopped traffic just moments before a large section of hillside came sliding down onto U.S. 95, bringing with it tons of dirt, rocks and trees.

The dramatic slide was caught on video by Matthew Wilson, a land surveyor for the Idaho Transportation Department.

It happened on Friday about seven miles south of Bonners Ferry.

According to ITD spokesman Jake Melder, workers in the area heard popping and cracking. Recognizing that a slide was imminent, they stopped traffic, and just about three minutes later, the hillside made its descent onto the highway.

Both lanes of the road were covered by about 800 cubic yards of debris, about 10 feet deep, Melder said. Crews cleared the highway on Friday. but are keeping one lane of travel closest to the hillside closed for safety reasons.

Officials said recent wet weather contributed to the landslide, and that hillside remains unstable. ITD is working with geologists on a plan for stabilizing the area.