MOSCOW, Idaho - The University of Idaho has suspended its chapter of the Delta Sigma Phi fraternity, school officials announced on Tuesday.

In a statement, the university said they investigating allegations that the local chapter of Delta Sigma Phi "engaged in behavior that is inconsistent with its own national charter as well as the university's policies and expectations for conduct on our campus."

The university would not elaborate on what kind of behavior prompted the suspension, but said that the fraternity has been suspended from all University of Idaho activities until an investigation and review process can be completed.

"A thorough investigation and review of the alleged behavior is underway and, if the allegations are confirmed, appropriate actions will be taken to ensure the safety of our students and to strengthen our fraternity and sorority community," the statement reads.

Blaine Eckles, the university's dean of students, tells KTVB that the investigation could take at least a few weeks to complete. He added that they are working with fraternity leadership to find out who was involved in the alleged behavior.

"We take student safety first and foremost," Eckles said.

Late Tuesday afternoon, the chapter released a statement through its attorney stating that fraternity leaders are working with university staff on the investigation. Attorney Travis Thompson said that the fraternity's national organization will also conduct an internal review into any violations of the fraternity's code of conduct.

According to the fraternity's website, the UI chapter was founded in 1950 and has been based in a house on University Avenue since 1969. About 30 members live in the house, Eckles said.