POCATELLO - Idaho is teaming up with Utah to protect Bear Lake on the Utah-Idaho border from invasive mussels.

Idaho State Journal reports that the states have partnered with the Bear Lake Regional Commission to boost inspection capabilities at two inspection stations run by Utah around Bear Lake.

Idaho will contribute $135,000 to Utah's efforts to combat the spread of the quagga mussel. The inspection station run by Idaho on the lake will close as resources are shifted to two boat check stations on the Utah side of the lake.

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Until now, boaters would be checked in Utah and again in Idaho when transporting their boats on the roadway. Now, a single check will cover boaters.

Quagga and zebra mussels are a concern because they can clog pipes and cover beaches and can travel by hitching rides on trailered boats and other watercraft.

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The prop on this boat motor at Lake Mead is covered with quagga mussels. Mussels can clog the water intakes on a prop. That can cause the motor to overheat and can seize the motor. The result can be thousands of dollars in repairs