BOISE --Three Idaho lawmakers are speaking out after President Donald Trump authorized missile strikes on a Syrian air base Thursday.

Nine people were killed and six Syrain jets were destroyed in the strike, according to Syria's SANAnews organization. Trump ordered the U.S. military action in retaliation against Syrian President Bashar Assad after a chemical weapons attack that killed at least 86 people, including many children.

Congressman Mike Simpson said in a statement he thought the strike was the correct move.

"I support the President's action against the Assad regime," he said in the statement. "The United States of America took a strong stand tonight against the unfathomable act Bashar al-Assad conducted this week by murdering innocent men, women and children with a chemical attack."

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Idaho Senator Mike Crapo agreed, praising Trump's "decisive actions."

"The brutality of the Syrian regime seems to know no bounds," the statement reads. "I support the President's decisive actions to prevent further use of chemical weapons against innocent women, men, and children and from allowing those from falling into the hands of terrorists. I send my gratitude to the men and women of America's armed forces fighting our enemies abroad. Let us also keep in our minds the memory of the victims of al-Assad's attacks as the United States and our allies fight the spread of terrorism."

Rep. Raul Labrador denounced the chemical attacks, but said Trump needs to "have an active dialogue" about his plans for military intervention.

"Like all Americans, I was appalled by the use of chemical weapons in Syria and heartbroken that so many innocent people fell victim in such a heinous way," his statement read. "The Syrian government's abuse of human rights is unacceptable and deserves a strong, thoughtful response from the United States and all civilized nations. However, our response must be in the best interests of the American people and approved by Congress through the deliberative process outlined in our Constitution.

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"President Trump needs to have an active dialogue with Congress about not only yesterday's attack but also any further engagement in Syria. I agree with many of the points President Trump has made about Syria, but his policy will be more effective when it has strong, informed, and bipartisan support in Congress. The American people would benefit from a more active debate about the possible risks and benefits of U.S. intervention in Syria," the statement continued.

"I encourage our Leadership to call us back to Congress so we can debate whether additional military action might be needed to advance the security of the American people."

Sen. Jim Risch, a member of the foreign relations committee, predicted the move would encourage other countries to take notice.

"This has demonstrated for us as Americans and for the world that this President is committed and that he's not afraid to act," he said. "I think the big story here is that this is going to have impact world wide. I absolutely guarantee you that today in North Korea, in Iran, in Moscow, and for that matter in Beijing, there are people sitting around a table saying you know it's time we recalibrated what the status of the United States is

Russian President Vladimir Putin called the missile an "act of aggression" and has suspended a 2015 U.S.-Russian agreement on flight safety over Syria in response.