BOISE - Idaho has the slowest internet in the United States, according to a new report by Broadview Networks, an internet cloud provider on the East Coast.

According to the report, the Gem State ranks dead last in the nation with an average internet speed of just 10.6 megabits per second.

The report notes that Idaho improved from 7.7 Mbps in 2014 but still dropped from 42nd place to 50th place, indicating that the states below Idaho in the 2014 report showed better improvement on their speeds.

While Idahoans living in populated areas like the Treasure Valley generally have decent internet speeds, service can be spotty, if not nonexistent, in some rural areas of the state.

The nation's best internet speeds were in Washington, DC where residents enjoy an average of 22.5 Mbps. Delaware, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Maryland round out the top five.

The difference between first and last place? 11.9 Mbps.

According to Broadview, the only state that did not improve from 2014 to 2017 was Ohio, which fell from 19th to 47th place.

Several of Idaho's neighbors fared much better in the report, with Utah (6th), Washington (10th), Oregon (18th) all landing in the top 20. Nevada came in at 23rd, Wyoming at 37th, and Montana at 39th.

A map showing the best and worst internet speeds in the United States. Green indicates better speeds, while red indicates worse speeds.