PRESTON -- A young snowmobiler lost in eastern Idaho's backcountry has been reunited with his family.

Kacey Hebdon, 20, became separated from his companions during a snowmobiling trip Sunday in the Copenhagen Basin area.

He called for help using his cell phone, but wasn't able to give searchers his exact location. Search-and-rescue teams spent late Sunday and Monday looking for Hebdon with little luck.

Finally, around 5 p.m. Monday, searchers spotted the 20-year-old inside a snow cave he had made to keep himself warm.

He was greeted by his family before being taken to a local hospital for treatment for possible frostbite.

"I might lose a few toes, or a toe and some toenails, but that's not too bad," Hebdon said. "It could be worse."

Hebdon said he is grateful to be alive, and will keep the frigid ordeal in mind the next time he heads out into the backcountry.

"I'll definitely be more prepared, because I didn't have any supplies with me," he said. "All I had was a lighter - no food, no drinks, no nothing."

Click the video above to watch the joyful reunion.