OREGON STATE LINE -- An Adams County man is lucky to be alive after a series of car wrecks sent him plunging 50 feet off a bridge into the icy water of the Snake River.

According to Oregon State Police, 34-year-old Steven Arrasmith of Mesa, Idaho was headed west on the Snake River Bridge between Oregon and Idaho when a pickup in front of him lost control on black ice and struck the guard rail.

Arrasmith stopped his Jeep and got out to see if everyone in the pickup was OK. At that point, another westbound vehicle crashed into the back of Arrasmith's Jeep, causing it to lurch forward.

Police say Arrasmith was hit by his own vehicle and thrown over the railing of the bridge. He managed to hang onto the bridge for a short period of time before losing his grip and falling into the Snake River.

The injured man was able to strip off his heavier clothing and swim to a nearby island in the river. First responders could hear him yelling for help, and rescued him off the island.

Arrasmith was taken to Saint Alphonsus in Ontario, then transferred to a Boise hospital where he underwent surgery for a broken femur.

Neither of the other drivers was seriously injured.

The Ontario Police Department, Payette County Sheriff's Office, Ontario Fire and Rescue, Payette Fire and Rescue and the Oregon Department of Transportation all assisted OSP with the crashes and the rescue.

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