The Idaho Foodbank is recalling about 27,000 pounds of food given out earlier this month.

Coconut milk, eggs, cheese and soup could all pose health risks after a cooler they were being stored in wasn’t at the correct temperature.

The products were distributed in the Treasure Valley, Magic Valley and Wood River Valley areas between July 10 and July 14.

"Anyone that did receive emergency food just needs to check in with their pantry that they went to or if they know that they have the products based on the pictures we have submitted, then they should destroy those products," Morgan Wilson, VP of Development for The Idaho Foodbank, said.

Wilson said the cooler they were in had a malfunction. She said they have a monitoring system in the cooler and take regular logs of the temperature.

“Through an analysis of those logs we realized the temperature had gone slightly above the holding um piece that we prefer," she said.

Normally, the temperature is at 40 degrees or lower, but Wilson said the logs showed he cooler went up to 43 degrees.

"It was a very slight vary in temperature,” she said. “But that being said, we always want to make sure that we're using an abundance of caution, food safety is the number one priority of the food bank and that's why we're issuing this recall."

Wilson said since the discovery of the malfunction, the cooler has been fixed.

“Any product that was in there we have quarantined and destroyed. So families can continue to go to the partner agencies and the shelters they usually go to to receive emergency food and they can get the help they need," she said.

According to The Idaho Foodbank, the recall affects less than 2 percent of the food they distribute each month.

Anyone with questions or concerns about this recall can contact The Idaho Foodbank at (208) 336-9643.