The National Interagency Fire Center has deployed crews from surrounding states, including Idaho, to help fight the fast-moving and deadly fires in in Northern California.

“NIFC, we always use the closest forces concept so that means that firefighters from Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, they are going to be going to California first because they can get there more quickly,” explains NFIC spokeswoman Robyn Broyles.

Broyles says it is unclear how many firefighters from the Gem State are in California because the situation is evolving rapidly.

“There are several fires that are burning in California. Most of these are wind driven fires and so given the terrain and what they are burning in, and what's effective in that environment is water, air tanker aviation,” says Broyles.

Most Idaho fire crews responding are aviation.

“They can get there quickly and help support the firefighters that are already working there,” says Broyles.

So far, 115,000 acres have burned in Northern California since the weekend.

Depending if the fires continue to grow, more Idaho firefighters could be responding in the next few days.

“Typically a fire assignment will last up to two weeks, and during their assignment they can mobilize to a single fire and be moved around internally to help support other fires as they are no longer needed,” says Broyles.