A terrifying experience for a Boise mother and her 5-year-old son. They were attacked and chased by a swarm of hornets while hiking in the foothills.

“The most scariest thing I have ever seen in my life”, said Bri Miller.

Wednesday morning around 9:30, Bri Miller took her son Bridger to his favorite trail in the Boise foothills.

“We always go to Elephant Loop because it is a big sandstone rock that we love to climb,” said Miller.

Just shortly after beginning the hike, Bridger got stung by a hornet on his head and swatted the insect away.

“As I’m looking at it we get swarmed by hundreds of hornets,” said Miller.

Miller says she panicked as she watched the bugs cover her body.

“I had hundreds on me too but he had a ton and as soon as that happened I just started screaming 'run,'” she said.

As the two ran, Miller dialed 911.

The hornets continued to follow and sting Miller and her son as they sprinted to their truck.

Miller says her son has never been stung before and she didn’t know if he was allergic.

“If he were to get stung hundreds of times his body could go into a trauma and people actually die from that,” she said.

EMT’s arrived as Miller came to the base of the foothills.

Sara Arkle with Boise Parks and Recreation says while insects like hornets are active this time of year, this incident is unusual and she reminds hikers that nature, even in a park, is still wild.

“These are not manicured landscapes like a traditional park would be so there are hazards out there and all sorts of different insects out there,” said Arkle.

Neither Miller or Bridger suffered from serious physical injuries but Miller says emotionally her son won’t be the same on the trails anytime soon.

“Now he’s terrified, he doesn’t like it, he won’t go back,” she said.