The U.S. Department of Agriculture says about 14 percent of Idahoans are going hungry. It's a number hundreds at the 4th Annual Idaho Hunger Summit are hoping to decrease.

The summit brings together leaders from the business world, government, agriculture, tribal, and non-profits, all who have worked with those at risk of going hungry. The motive is to not only educate and raise awareness of hunger in Idaho, but also to present the best practices, programs, and policies in fighting hunger.

USDA Under Secretary Kevin Concannon was the keynote speaker at the summit.

"Meetings like this will charge people up and they'll leave this meeting energized to say we can do that in my community," Concannon said.

Concannon says the summit not only focuses on helping those who are going hungry, but also fighting obesity. He says many people have the tendency to eat more processed foods because they say they're less expensive.

The summit will help look for programs to help align and nudge people into eating fewer processed foods and more healthy foods.

The summit also provides the opportunity for those who work in these types of programs to collaborate with one another and form relationships, which Concannon says serves as the glue to helping fight hunger in the Gem State.