The rise in Boise River levels is creating more headaches for people living in the Riviera Estates Mobile Home Park in Eagle.

After being forced out of their homes over two weeks ago, residents were optimistic they'd be going home soon when water was being pumped out last week.

Although, that's only one of many issues emergency officials are dealing with.

The current conditions at the Riviera Estates Mobile Home Park are both a safety and health hazard.

Water has saturated septic tanks in the park, making it very unsanitary. Power and gas are also still shut off.

Officials say they'll have to assess the damage before they allow anyone back in, which unfortunately isn't happening anytime soon since the Boise River is rising again.

One week ago, Ada County emergency personnel were pumping the flood waters out of Riviera Estates in the hope that residents could return home soon.

"We thought that we could help it and give some caution and optimism to these residents," Eagle Police Chief Patrick Calley said.

The park remains under mandatory evacuations and that caution and optimism faded fast over this past week.

"This week we were looking at waters that had stabilized, and now with Mother Nature we know that the water is going to rise in the river and the flood waters are going to come back," Calley said.

Displacing residents here in the area for at least several more weeks.

"We've got to get the water to go away first, then you got to make assessments on all of the utilities, sewer, gas, water, electricity, and all of those work within each other," Calley said. "It can be very complicated and that takes a lot of time. So if we went back to last week when we were pumping water, even if we were dry today we're still two weeks out before we're looking at allowing people full access back into this area."

The Red Cross shelter at the Church of the Nazarene in Eagle is on 24-hour standby. Residents can stay at the shelter for as long as they need to.

"We now know that this is going to go longer, so if people need that shelter again they'll activate that shelter," Calley said. "The Red Cross staff there will work as hard as they can to find alternative housing for them."

One misconception Calley wants to clear up is these waters are not coming from the irrigation canals.

"Saturated ground, south channel, north channel, on both sides of this, and they're feeding into this area and that water seeks the natural pathway of less resistance, or the least resistance and out canal system is that," Calley said. "The canal system is empty so the water goes right there."

Ada County personnel will hold a neighborhood meeting at 10:15 Saturday morning at the Riviera Estates Mobile Home Park. They'll talk about their plans and answer any questions people may have.