Homeowners are blaming a recent lightning storm that rolled through the Treasure Valley for causing damage.

In Caldwell, residents say a storm on Monday morning brought down a massive tree.

“It literally sounded like somebody just dropped a bomb on top of my house,” Robert Coffee, the property owner, said.

Coffee was in his home just feet away when it happened.

“My whole house shook, it knocked pictures off the wall, it knocked everything out of the bathroom,” he said. “It was scary."

When he went outside, he saw “it just blew the whole center of the tree completely out."

The tree knocked down a power line to a light pole. It also sent pieces of wood all over the yard, street and even landed across the street on a neighbor’s lawn. One woman described it like a javelin sticking out of the grass.

"I was just thankful that nobody was walking by because you'd have been killed,” Coffee said. “If one of those would have hit somebody it would have killed them."

Just a few miles from there, Danny Baez said lightning struck his car the night before.

“At first I was thinking well maybe someone threw a rock or you know, but obviously, we looked around and there's no rocks," he said. “Tires are completely flat, the windshield…it’s a little charcoaled inside the door handle."

A mess left behind by Mother Nature, leaving both men with a lot of work on their hands.

"Probably just going to have to replace it myself. Call around and replace it myself," Baez said.

"Yeah, my day off. Not much of a day off now," Coffee said.

No one was hurt in either of these situations.