BOISE -- The colder weather has sent more homeless than normal into the shelters this week. The weather forecast helped Reverend Bill Roscoe and the Boise Rescue Mission prepare for more people coming to their shelters.

"As soon as I saw the weather forecast, I met with my directors and we knew we'd better start gearing up for more people," said Reverend Bill Roscoe, President and CEO of the Boise Rescue Mission. "And sure enough that's what happened. We got big crowds as the weather got colder and wetter."

Friday night, they had 117 women and children at City Light, and more than 180 at River of Life. That's within 100 people of capacity at each of those shelters.

"Usually we see these kinds of numbers after the first of December, when it typically will get colder and wetter," Roscoe said. "But with the storm front that came through and the cold temperatures we have, they're here early and they'll probably stay."

It has also been cold during the day, driving many homeless people inside.

"When it's under 35 degrees outside people are allowed to stay in the building throughout the whole day," Roscoe said. "And anyone who's elderly, people with small children, infant children, toddlers, any kind of special need condition, they're going to be able to stay in the building and stay warm."

The Rescue Mission is still looking for coat donations and other warm winter clothes to give to the homeless.

"It's the most generous community on the face of the Earth and we really appreciate the support from the folks in the valley," said Roscoe.

The Boise Rescue Mission is just one of 11 organizations that benefit from our annual 7 Cares and Idaho Shares day on December 13th.

The Rescue Mission is also looking for turkey donations for their Thanksgiving meal.