BOISE -- A portion of the Greenbelt along the Boise River has been shut down after the season's unusually high, fast-moving water carved out a portion of the bank, leading to stability issues.

According to the Idaho Foundation for Parks and Lands, the affected area of the Greenbelt is on Plantation Island between Plantation Bridge and Expo Idaho. The portion is in the area between Glenwood Street and Veteran's Memorial Parkway, but that entire stretch of pathway is not closed down, authorities say.

Photos of the damaged area show severe erosion, with part of the asphalt pathway eaten away and soil crumbling to create a sharp dropoff into the river. The Boise River was moving at more than 7,500 cubic feet per second as of Tuesday morning.

Marked detours are currently in place near the bridges. The section of Greenbelt will remain closed until repair crews can stabilize the riverbank and fix the broken pathway. Those repairs can't start until after a structural evaluation, which will have to wait until the river recedes, the Idaho Foundation for Parks and Lands says.

Residents using the Greenbelt should use caution in any area near the river where the ground seems unstable.