BOISE-- The Hidden Hollow cell at the Ada County Landfill received its last load of garbage on June 15. The landfill began accepting waste in 1972 and was designed to hold about 26.4 million cubic yards.

A survey of the surface topography will be done so that a four- to five-foot final cover can be designed to prevent water from seeping into the buried trash.

Ada County says the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality approved a thick soil cap to be used as the final cover.

According to Ada County, this kind of cap, called an Evapo-Transpiration Cap, is an alternative to using a cap made out of geo-synthetic material or clay. Installation of the cap is estimated to begin in the spring of 2018.

The Ada County Landfill is now using the North Ravine cell. This landfill has the potential to be used for the next 100 years.

More information about landfills can be found on Ada County's website.