BOISE-- The Idaho Foodbank serves hundreds of free lunches to kids in need across the valley during the summer through its Picnic in the Park program. Wednesday, some special guests came out to make the event more fun and educational.

Members of the Boise Police Department, the Boise Bicycle Project, Boise State Broncos and the YMCA were on hand at Ivywild Park on Wednesday to add an extra layer of fun and learning to lunch time.

Officers helped serve the meals and played games with those in attendance. Det. Joe Kane with the Boise Police Department says the event is a great opportunity to reach out to kids.

Kane said, "It's crucial because unfortunately we get involved when things aren't the best situation, whether that be when someone is hurt, or their the victim of, you know, a crime or, you know, when they're lost so obviously knowing and seeing uniform police officers at an event like this lets all the kids know that we are always approachable."

The Boise Bicycle Project and YMCA teamed up to teach kids how to stay safe and enjoy more time on their bikes. The Boise Bicycle Project even brought a bike repair trailer to begin teaching kids about how to fix their bikes.

Youth educator at the Boise Bicycle Project, Adam Smith, said, "We really want to empower kids to learn to work on their bikes. That's kind of our mission teaching people and empowering people to do their own repairs. So a lot of these things, fixing a flat, lubing a chain, kids of any age can do these things, so when they come to our mobile repair or any repair that we do, we really want the tools to be in their kids hands and we really want them to be empowered and feel in control of their own bike and their transportation."

The Broncos also wanted to show support for their community. Cornerback Michael Young says playing with the kids was a great way to pay it forward.

"We love the community, it's a great community. They support us. We're just having fun with the kids."