A special event took place Friday to honor the life and legacy of a Boise soldier who died in Iraq 10 years ago, and to help an injured Boise Police officer become more mobile.

The annual John Borbonus Memorial Golf Tournament and Veterans Salute was held at the Falcon Crest golf course in Kuna.

A Boise honor guard with bagpipes raised the flag to honor vets in the name of the Boise soldier who died 10 years ago at age 19 in Iraq while defending his platoon's base.

"Honestly it's very overwhelming emotionally,” said Veronique Borbonus, John’s cousin. “One just because it's John's birthday, but two to see the familiar faces every year, people that come back and have come for years. Some people that have played every year."

Boise Police Corporal Kevin Holtry, who was wounded and paralyzed in a shootout in November, was also honored.

He received the track chair that KTVB helped raise money for last month during a Facebook live telethon during the noon hour.

“There's a lot of things that this chair is going to allow me to be able to do that I haven't done before,” said Holtry. “So again, this is just the simple things, but I'm completely humbled and honored and I appreciate you guys showing up, especially for the veterans. As a veteran myself, thanks for coming up to this."

This is the 10th year for the John Borbonus memorial event.