The Idaho potato is really an icon for the state and soon we may be giving the world a new potato to talk about: The GlowTato.

It’s what will be used to ring in the new year for the fourth annual Idaho Potato Drop.

“Every year the same comment seems to be that the potato needs to light up or do something different,” said Dylan Cline, CEO for the Idaho New Year’s Commission. “You know, have some sort of a bling factor to it."

So Idaho Potato Drop organizers decided to build the GlowTato. It’s an 18-foot-long light up potato made of a fiberglass shell with an interior trussing system that will be fitted with LED lighting.

"This was really three years in the making. We've been working with several artists, designers, engineers to come up with the concept,” Cline said. "I don't think anyone's ever done anything quite like it before."

Cline said Idaho Potato Drop started as a “harebrained idea” that now brings in thousands of people.

"There was the hole in downtown at 8th and Main and there happened to be a crane there,” he said. “I was watching a documentary on the New York ball drop and I thought to myself, 'Gosh, we could drop a potato because there's really nothing going on on New Year’s Eve.'"

New York has a ball drop, we have a potato drop.

"The Idaho potato is so iconic for our state,” Cline said. “You go anywhere in the world and you tell them you're from Idaho and inadvertently the first thing they're going to say is potatoes."