If you think Legos are just a children's toy, think again. Trained engineers called "master builders" spend around 15,000 hours on each LEGO model of some of the United States' most iconic landmarks. What is even better, the LEGO Americana Roadshow is displaying these magnificent creations at the Boise Towne Square Mall.

That's right, you don't have to travel thousands of miles to see the intricate carvings on the U.S. Capitol and statues in front of the Supreme Court. From July 8 to July 23 you can also see models of the White House, Washington Monument and Jefferson Memorial - all made entirely out of LEGO bricks.

Andrew Little, the roadshow tour manager, says all of the landmarks are built perfectly to scale of the real deal, except the Liberty Bell. The Liberty Bell is a perfect one-to-one LEGO replica. You can even see the crack!

"It's exactly the same size as the Liberty Bell and it sits on the floor without any ropes around it, so you can actually get up and touch it and get a cool picture with it but it's a really cool model," Little said. "It shows the round flowing shape and that's really hard to do with a square brick."

Little says the U.S. Capitol replica is 26-feet long and 13-feet tall. This large scale roadshow meant large-scale transportation to get the replicas from the LEGO headquarters in Connecticut to Idaho.

"This is moved in three, 53-foot tractor trailers. The U.S. Capitol building has its own tractor trailer to be transported in and then the rest of them are all put into the other two tractor trailers," Little explained.

The roadshow is open in the mall during regular mall hours, and there is more to do than just see the models. There are also hands-on opportunities to experience brick building for yourself.

"We have a really cool opportunity to get your hands on LEGO bricks and actually build here at the mall, at the LEGO play area," Little said. "You can come here and build a car, race it down the ramp. You could build any kind of creation you can dream up."

This is the third year of the Americana Roadshow, but the first time the replicas have come to Boise.