A historic day in the world of Major League Baseball. It's game 7 of the World Series between the Chicago Cubs and the Cleveland Indians. Cleveland is looking for their first championship since 1948. The Cubs haven't won since 1908. Many local families are hoping it's Chicago because the Cubs have a little piece of history here in Boise.

Boise is where it all started for seven players and one coach who are in Cleveland for game 7. The Boise Hawks were a farm team for the Chicago Cubs from 2001 to 2014. Fourteen years of baseball in Boise that produced some players taking the field Wednesday night.

Many families here in the Treasure Valley have housed young baseball players looking to chase a dream. Some players staying as long as a week, like Kyle Schwarber did with the Capps family.

"The day he walked in the door I thought, 'hey this kid's got the potential, it won't be long,'" Steven Capps said.

Others, like Lance Rymel, stayed with the Romani family for two summers while he played for the Boise Hawks.

"You meet some real impressive young men who are driven and focused on reaching a goal in their life that very few people can," Mike Romani said.

Each family having an impact on every player they house. Romani, a lifetime Cubs fan, got the surprise of a lifetime from his former Cub roommate. Rymel surprised him with tickets to games 3, 4, and 5 of the World Series.

"I was like are you sure? Don't you have family that you would rather take?' He says ‘no.’ He wanted to take me. He wanted to take me along with him," Romani said.

Other host families also formed these lifelong connections. The Kirkpatrick family tries to see Cubs third baseman Kris Bryant once year. This after the family hosted him for three weeks while he played in Boise.

"He just wanted to hang with our family. He would play fruit ninja with my son. We had dinners with him," Jeanette Kirkpatrick said.

The dinner table, that's what the Capps family thinks of every time they see Schwarber at the plate.

"I see him on TV and think about him in the World Series, I actually kinda envision ourselves sitting at the kitchen table eating dinner," Capps said.

All just one large family hoping the Cubs can win one more game.

"It's just so fun watching all these boys play. You just can't help, but be a cubs fan and cheer for them. You just get drawn into it," Kirkpatrick said.

Those interested in hosting a Boise Hawks player can find more information here.