ELMORE COUNTY - Heavy runoff from the mountains is causing major flooding in the Pine-Featherville area, prompting evacuations and closures on Sunday.

The Elmore County Sheriff's Office said in a new release that several roads along the South Fork of the Boise River have washed out and are now closed.

Multiple homes are reported to be flooded, and many more are cut off by the rising waters.

Officials issued evacuation orders for campgrounds and some residential subdivisions in the area. All campsites north of the Pine Bridge are closed, including the popular Baumgartner Hot Springs.

Sheriff Mike Hollinshead told KTVB that people looking to recreate in the area should stay away.

"Don't come, just stay on the other side of the Pine Bridge," he said. "But if you come in town, all the camp sites are closed at this time."

Middle Fork Road to Atlanta has also been affected by flood waters, officials said, but the extent of damage is still unknown.

The sheriff's office said Prairie area is also dealing with flooding. Smith Creek Road washed out, and several campers had to be evacuated.

Hollinshead said the flooding the worst its been in the area in decades.

"A lot of residents been up there 30-35 years saying they've never seen it this bad before, and we still have a lot of snowpack that's coming our way," he said.

Idaho Power has shut down power to some of the flooded areas, and is monitoring the situation.

Elsewhere, Blaine County is also dealing with major flooding along the Big Wood River.