Many local business owners are scrambling to keep melting snow and rainwater at bay.

Every 30 minutes you can find Todd Martin out in front of the Sun Ray Cafe shoveling.

This as he works to remove, not so much snow, but all the water that's been building up next to the Hyde Park restaurant.

"It's standing there in front these businesses and we're having little back-ups and that kind of stuff is not helping us," said Martin.

At one point, Martin says it even got into his kitchen.

"Not too bad that we can't handle it right now, but it's still constantly pushing out water," said Martin.

Water was even coming through his front doors, so to help he's created a man-made river to help the water flow to the nearest drain.

"It's just water flowing and pooling, especially in your driveway entrances and stuff into the businesses. It's just massive amounts of water that we can't do anything about right now except for a couple of us get out and try to turn it into a river to get it out of here," said Martin.

But, even that's a constant job as the snow and rain continues to fall.

"Now it's trying to be proactive keeping our drainage as clear as possible," said Martin.

He's not the only one.

Aaron Zufelt and John Taylor with Eagle Point Apartments have spent the day building their river as well.

"Making a man-made river from down on our entrance down to here [the storm drain], so that we can help the tenants," said Zufelt.

However, for them -- living at the bottom of a hill -- they're used to it.

"This is probably the third or fourth time we've had to come and find the gutter and drain everything down to it," said Zufelt

However, nothing has compared to this year.

"This is a year to remember," said Zufelt

The Ada County Highway District says on 13th Street in Boise, instead of storm drains, they use a siphon drain system. It's an older system, which uses the grade to transport the water under the road and out of the area.

ACHD has 19,000 storm drains, which is why they're asking for a little bit of help to clear them off, because if you don't, the water has nowhere to go and starts to build up and can cause some flooding in areas.