Ann Morrison Park continues to dry out after months of flooding from the Boise River, and work is now underway to repair the damage to one of city's most popular parks.

About three to four acres of the 150-acre park were affected by the flood waters. Boise Parks and Recreation Director Doug Holloway tells KTVB that the damage is in some of the most visible parts of the park.

"It is actually quite shocking to see this bright green, well-maintained park and then you look at an area like this," said Holloway. "The water did a tremendous amount of damage here."

Work is starting to bring the damaged areas back to life. Crews are preparing the ground to re-seed as soon as possible.

"We need all of it to dry up completely, and once that happens we'll come in and start re-seeding," said Holloway.

Most of that will happen later this summer and fall. Holloway hopes the park will be back to its pre-flood state by next spring. He expects Boise's 4th of July fireworks to move back to its home next year as well.

"You know we have our team made up of some tremendous experts in horticulture and turf management so I'm very confident we'll have turf back very similar to what you see just outside this [damaged] area," said Holloway.

The Boise Parks and Recreation Department asks that visitors to the park stay away from areas that have been fenced or taped off, including the children's playground which could be closed for the entire summer while crews fix the damage.

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