A rescue at Dedication Point just south of Kuna took place on Sunday. The one rescued was a dog.

Kuna Fire Department Captain TJ Lawrence says the dog had been with its owners Sunday morning when it jumped over a waist-high rock wall falling dozens of feet onto a rock shelf.

Lawrence and his partner were the first to arrive at Dedication Point to help.

"We made an assessment and found a safe place to scale down the wall," said Lawrence. "My partner tied me off with a rope and I scaled down. The dog let me know right away we weren't best friends yet so I had to take my time and gain her confidence that I wasn't there to hurt her."

Lawrence says he took off his helmet and coat to help the scared dog warm up to him. He says she was obviously hurt because she yelped every time he tried to examine her.

"She was in a lot of pain so what I did was cover her up with my coat and kept her warm until other resources could arrive," said Lawrence.

Firefighters from Boise came to help. They lowered what's called a stokes basket to lift the small animal to safety. Next, a harness was lowered to bring Lawrence up the cliff's edge.

It was a rescue operation that Lawrence says is unfortunately not the first of its kind at Dedication Point.

"The wall is three feet tall and it spans 50 or so feet and I think it may present a false sense of security to be up there," said Lawrence.

Lawrence urges you to remember that you can hurt yourself, and even die, if you fall off the wall. He says people need to be careful and watch their pets closely.

As for the dog in this rescue, the owners took her straight to a vet. We're told she will most likely be having surgery for injuries. We hope the best for the furry friend.