This year’s 4th of July celebratory fireworks were extremely loud throughout the Treasure Valley, but surprisingly, it was pretty quiet at the local animal shelters.

Every year, animal control picks up family pets who were scared off by the fireworks but this year, the amount of strays brought in were less than years past.

Last year during the holiday weekend, a total of 100 stray animals were brought into the Idaho Humane Society.

This year, the total number of strays added up to less than 80.

It is still an incredible amount of stray animals being taken in during the holiday season, but according to officials, the numbers continue to decrease year after year.

The Idaho Humane Society anticipates more strays to arrive as fireworks continue to go off even after the holiday.

However, if you lose or have recently lost a cat, the shelter might not be the first place to look. Unlike dogs, cats react differently to loud noises.

“Dogs are more likely to run away and be found far from home, cats, however, are usually hiding,” said Allison Meier, a spokesperson from the Idaho Human Society.

“If you are missing a cat, absolutely come to the shelter, but first, it is important to talk to your neighbors. Because a cat could be hiding in a nearby yard, under a car or somewhere else close to home.”

If you do end up losing or have lost a family pet, social media has become a useful place to help find your furry friend. Apps like Nextdoor can be handy for finding missing pets as well.