BOISE -- Three teenagers are still in the hospital after they were in a horrific crash on State Street Monday morning.

The accident happened near the intersection of Park Lane, just up the road from Eagle High School.

Four people were rushed to the hospital with critical injuries: a mom - who was the driver, her son, and two other teen siblings who are close family friends. The driver tells KTVB she was released, but the three teens are still in the Intensive Care Unit at Saint Alphonsus in Boise.

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Family and friends of the adult driver, Jamie Vincent, and three teens critically injured in the crash spoke to KTVB on Wednesday. However, they are not releasing specifics of the victims' conditions at this time.

"They were just going to school that morning," the driver's brother, Troy Vincent, said.

Around 7:45 Monday morning, officers say Vincent was trying to turn left across traffic on State Street onto Park Lane. Police believe she had a blinking yellow arrow at the time. As she turned, a pickup hit the passenger side of her car.

Her son, Jonas, and two close family friends, Destiney and Kevin Jacobs, were in the car when it was hit. Ada County Sheriff's officials say all four had to be cut from the wreckage of their car.

"This has been a difficult time for all the family. These kids are all awesome kids, they're wonderful kids. Everybody that knew them in the school and knew them in the family, these kids are just shining," Troy Vincent said.

Family tells KTVB that Jonas and Destiney go to Eagle High School and Kevin attends Eagle Academy. The three teens are still at Saint Alphonsus with serious injuries.

"This is not going to get any easier from here. It's going to get tougher," Vincent added.

A close family friend of the Jacobs, Donnela Kenyon, spoke on their behalf.

"From the family of Destiney Mae Lynn Jacobs, mother Stephanie Owens and her father Corey Jacobs: I would like to thank all the staff of Saint Alphonsus hospital for their support and wonderful care. The last few days have brought family and friends together in a way I would never have thought possible. Kevin is fighting and he's a strong young man," Kenyon said. "Christmas was Destiney's favorite time of the year and she would want you to embrace it with all your love."

Troy Vincent says on behalf of the Vincent family that they are going to stay strong and "hope and pray that things work themselves out".

"We've chosen to keep hope and keep praying. We know that the multitude of the accident is going to probably tell us different and doctors are going to tell us different, but we're just asking the community to pray with us and pray for us and just asking for people to keep praying for Jonas and the kids," Vincent said.

The Jacobs family has set up a Go Fund Me account for Destiney and Kevin, and the Vincent family has a Go Fund Me for Jonas to help with any and all expenses.