CANYON COUNTY -- Triple digit temperatures are expected again this weekend, which could spell trouble for the thousands of people expected to attend the Canyon County Fair.

However, event organizers are taking extra precautions to keep fair goers safe by having Canyon County Paramedics on site.

"In this heat, you need to be drinking [water] constantly from the first hour you’re out there throughout the whole day," Daniel Bates, Deputy Chief of Operations with Canyon County Paramedics, said.

There signs to look out for: feeling sick, tired, light headed or dizzy.

"We get them in the shade, take them out of the sun, get them into air conditioning,” Bates said. “Then we replace their fluids get them a bottle of cold water and some Gatorade to get fluids in them, or if they're severely dehydrated, we can start an IV."

Fair organizers also put $80,000 worth of upgrades to infrastructure this year by adding fans to buildings to create better air flow. They also put up shade tents and cooling areas.

Rhea Allen, the Media Relations for the Canyon County Fair, says they want to make fairgoers' experience a comfortable one.

"Considering [it’s] 100 degrees out here... there have been some water bottle and some water fountain installation that's gone on."

Fair goers are allowed to bring their own empty water bottles and fill them up for free.