The newest park along the Boise River is finished.

The grand opening for Esther Simplot Park is Wednesday afternoon.

"No matter what your belief system is, no matter what your social or economic background is,” Boise Parks and Recreation director Doug Holloway said, “A public park is a place where you're welcome to come to.”

Construction on the 55-acre park began in February of 2015. The park is made up of 23 acres of ponds. That’s not including the surrounding bodies of water.

"Give or take a few, but a 65-acre body of water that is pretty well connected with each other, so it really creates a unique recreational aquatic complex for the public to enjoy," Holloway said.

A complex that allows for activities like fishing, swimming, kayaking and rafting.

"The concept really is to create some active enjoyment in the water for the public to take advantage of. So there's a lot of beachfront around the Esther Simplot Park ponds,” Holloway said. “Folks will be able to go down onto the beach in summer time and relax on the side of the water. It's almost like we'll have our own mini ocean."

There are also docks, trails, shelters, bridges, and even a playground.

Boise Parks and Recreation is also working on another water recreation area.

The public is invited to an open house to talk about Phase II of the Boise Whitewater Park.

The park will include features in the river and along the bank. Parks and Recreation wants public input deciding what those features will be. They’ll present design plans, construction and permitting.

The open house is scheduled for 6 p.m. Wednesday at the AGC Building on Americana and Shoreline.