Five lucky essay contest winners took to the skies today for a ride of a lifetime.

An organization called Elevate Your Life, sponsored by the Ryan J. Poe Foundation's youth program put on the event.

Airshow Hall of Famer and Boisean Greg Poe started the program 14 years ago after the loss of his son Ryan due to drug addiction.

The organization puts on essay contests each year.

Winners get to ride in an airshow airplane with an airshow pilot.

The goal is to inspire kids to dream.

"They have to answer five questions in the process of writing an essay. What is your dream? What are you going to do with it once you get it? How does education play a role in it?" said executive director Russ Poe.

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One of the winners, Connor Bell, says he wrote that he wants to pursue the career of being a commercial airline pilot in his future.

"I just have always loved flying and being up in the sky,” said Connor. “I fell in love with it when I was young.”

“Have you ever flown in a plane like that before?” asked KTVB.

“I actually have when I was younger one time, it's really fun, I'm really excited," said Connor.

The event on Thursday was in conjunction with the Gowen Thunder Airshow coming up this weekend.