A disturbing discovery in Star where a woman walking in Riverwalk Park says she found animal parts strung up in a tree.

The biggest surprise is these strung up parts were found just feet from the edge of the park, right in plain sight for everyone to see.

Some of the images in this story may be disturbing.

"Very disturbing to see that and very upsetting," said Jessica Colon.

Geese heads and feet, along with chicken feet strung up in a tree.

"It just seemed like something like from a horror movie. It didn't seem real," said Colon.

Around 3 p.m. Tuesday, Colon had come to the Riverwalk Park to see just how high the Boise River has gotten when she noticed a couple dark objects out of the corner of her eye.

"Two geese heads just hanging from the tree, and I looked more around and there's some chicken feet and geese legs hanging from the trees all tied with wire," said Colon.

Colon says at first she thought it may have been fake and someone was pulling a prank, but as she got closer it became obvious what it was.

"I don't know if they wanted some kind of attention from this or they're just messing around. I have no idea why someone would do that," she said.

Colon took down the two geese heads she could reach and decided to bury them.

"I didn't want some kid to see that and be traumatized, that's a traumatizing thing to see," said Colon.

Colon says she emailed the Idaho Department of Fish and Game about this matter.

Fish and Game told us due to other pressing matters they have yet to be able to look into this situation, a situation some in Star feel was deliberate and disturbing.

"It's so close to the path that they probably wanted someone to find it," said Colon.

Fish and Game says they don't plan to investigate as they don't have the resources and have several other priorities right now, including a poaching case out of Elmore County and their winter feeding program for big game animals.