EAGLE - After being postponed twice, it appeared as if the Dirty Dash mud run had settled on a date and place for the event.

The original event was supposed to happen at Avimor in June, but had to be canceled because of fire dangers.

It was then rescheduled to October 8 - but was pushed back again.

On Tuesday, it appeared as if the delays were over. The event's Facebook page and website said the Dirty Dash would be held October 22 at the Eagle Sports Complex.

That's not going to happen, according to the city of Eagle.

In a statement issued Wednesday, the city said that a large event such as the Dirty Dash "suggests a major impact" on the complex.

The city said there's no completed application, and that safety and environmental concerns can't be addressed before October 22.

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As for where the event stood as of Wednesday afternoon, that remained unclear.

We reached out to event coordinator Ryan Creighton and asked him if there was a backup plan if the event can't happen on October 22 at the Eagle Sports Complex.

"There is no plan B," he said.

We will continue to follow up on this story and bring you more information as it becomes available.

Here's the full statement issued by the city of Eagle:

The City of Eagle, the Eagle Fire Protection District, and the Eagle Police are committed to working with event organizers to help them produce a successful and safe event which has minimal negative impact on the environment, surrounding neighborhoods and businesses. A large event, such as this, suggests a major impact on the Ada/Eagle Sports Complex. As there is no completed application, such safety and environmental concerns cannot be successfully addressed before the suggested October 22 event. The City of Eagle will continue to develop and groom the Ada/Eagle Sports Complex to facilitate the suggested uses it is established for including hiking, mountain biking and equestrian leisure. We appreciate the support of our community and look forward to future successful events.

The City of Eagle’s Community Event Application policy states as follows:

• Individuals or groups proposing new events will schedule a consultation meeting with the Parks and Recreation Director.
• Community Events Applications must be received by the Eagle’s Parks and Recreation Department a minim of thirty (30) days prior to the scheduled date of the event and may be submitted as early as twelve (12) months before the event. At this time, the City of Eagle has not received a completed Large Event Application.