A popular mud run that is supposed to be in Boise this weekend is causing a lot of aggravation for some people.

The Dirty Dash was scheduled for Saturday, but has now been pushed back to Oct. 22. This is the second time the event has been postponed.

The original event was supposed to happen at Avimor in June, but had to be canceled due to fire dangers. Event coordinator Ryan Creighton said they were told to come back in the fall so they figured they had time to reschedule everything. Creighton said at that point, they focused on other events they were working on and when they came back in September, they were told it was still too dry.

The race is now going to be held at Eagle Sports Complex, but even though they have a venue, it’s still not enough time to get it ready by Oct. 8.

"It's a lot more involved than people realize,” Creighton said. “We spend months just trying to plan it out and go through the bureaucracy of which permitting, which county permits and the health department permits, and getting all that in place.”

The delays have participants frustrated, but they say it’s the lack of communication that has them most upset. Until Tuesday evening, people who registered for the Dirty Dash said they hadn’t heard anything regarding the race even when they’ve reached out.

"Nobody has received any info as far as picking our race packets up. Are they still having it? “It was just a couple of questions on the Facebook page and emails and they're not responding," said David Barry who is registered for the race.

Dirty Dash has posted an apology and updated information on Facebook.